About me


I'm an evolutionary biologist, mainly interested in how populations evolve in single species or multispecies context.


Recently, I finished my PhD, working in the labs of Florian Altermatt, Andreas Wagner and Emanuel A. Fronhofer. During my PhD, I researched evolution during range expansions, focussing on how the presence or absence of abiotic gradients, asexual or sexual reproduction and gene flow alter evolutionary dynamics. In order to do so, I combine experimental evolution using protist microcosms, whole genome sequencing and individual based models. Until the end of May 2021, I continue to work at Eawag Switzerland, before starting my first PostDoc.

For my PostDoc, I will move to the University of Edinburgh, where I will study how the genetic background of interbreeding populations, as well the frequency of sexual reproduction affect adaptation of populations to new environments. This project will be funded through the Swiss National Science Foundation Early PostDoc Mobility program.

Outside of science, I enjoy geocaching, cooking (with a special focus on pies and cheesecakes), board games and occasionally brewing some home-made mead.

Contact: felix.moerman@ieu.uzh.ch

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New position:

On the 27th of July, I will start a new PostDoc position at the University of Edinburgh, working on an SNF Early PostDoc mobility grant to investigate in the research group of Prof. Nick COlegrave how the genetic background and frequency of sexual reproduction affects adaptation of populations.


PhD defended:

On Thursday 14.01.2021, I succesfully defended my PhD titled "Understanding Invasions — From the Genetic Basis to the Ecological Dynamics of Spreading Populations".