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About me


I'm an evolutionary ecologist, mainly interested in how populations evolve in single species or multispecies context.

I'm currently working as a SNSF Early PostDoc Mobility Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. During my PostDoc, I will work in the lab of Nick Colegrave, investigating how sexual reproduction may alter adaptation of populations in a suite of conditions.


Before my PostDoc, I did my PhD, working in the labs of Florian Altermatt, Andreas Wagner and Emanuel A. Fronhofer. During my PhD, I researched evolution during range expansions, focussing on how the presence or absence of abiotic gradients, asexual or sexual reproduction and gene flow alter evolutionary dynamics. In order to do so, I combine experimental evolution using protist microcosms, whole genome sequencing and individual based models. Until the end of May 2021, I continue to work at Eawag Switzerland, before starting my first PostDoc.


Outside of science, I enjoy geocaching, cooking (with a special focus on pies and cheesecakes), board games and occasionally brewing some home-made mead.


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